The kick-off meeting of the Premiere project coordinated by Athena Research Centre was held in Limassol, Cyprus from 3 – 5 October 2022. The 12 project partners gathered together to launch the work plan for the next steps and the next years.

The aim of this project is on modernising the performing arts, especially dance and theatre, by using advanced digital technologies, powered by leading-edge AI, XR and 3D technologies, to support the whole lifecycle of performances. To achieve its goals, the project will establish a work plan based on multiple iterations that will run in parallel with the development phases of the project, by mixed and agile working groups.

The first working groups were formed during the meeting to initiate the tasks.

The data selection and annotation working group discussed the archives status of the two content provider partners, Fitei and Forum Dança, established the initial criteria for the data selection procedures, and identified basic requirements for the data annotation procedures that will be established.

The performance capturing working group focused on the user requirements procedure, drafted an overview of the capturing systems that can be used to capture the different performance elements, and assessed the initial streaming technical requirements.

The dissemination working group defined the next steps for the creation of the main communication channels and the internal communication strategy.

Stay updated on the project activities through the web and social media.

Special thanks to the CYENS team for the hospitality!