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PREMiERE seeks to modernize the performing arts by using advanced digital technologies to support the whole lifecycle of performances:

from their production and curation

to their delivery and understanding from the audience

and their analysis and interpretation by art scholars


Performing arts archives browsing enhanced with AR/VR technologies

This use case involves the application of the semantic analysis technologies in existing dance and theatre archives and the projection of the material accompanied with these semantics onto a VR space. It will highlight the added value of the content analysis by providing advanced interaction functionalities.

Live performance enhanced with VR technologies

This use case will utilise advanced capturing and streaming techniques in order to broadcast live performances into a VR space. The performers are in a physical venue, they are projected into a VR space and are then broadcasted to the spectators as an immersive experience.

Actor/Dancer virtual co-creation performance

The virtual co-creation space will be a VR space where actors and dancers will rehearse and perform remotely. Aims on investigating new ways of rehearsing and creating from the perspectives of both artists and creative industries. Each performer will perform in a separate space and will be projected onto the virtual space by using mocap technologies.

Dance-based artistic creation environment

This use case focuses on the development of a software that will exploit the VR/AI creation toolbox together with the 3D Virtual Theatre and the data visualisation tool in order to develop processes that assist creation based on dance movement interacting with AI and VR technologies.

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