We are glad to announce that the Premiere network is growing through synergies with other research projects of Horizon Europe. This is the case of the recently established synergy with the SCENE project, which is focused on the film industry. Both Premiere and SCENE are leveraging cutting edge technologies, in order to provide digital tools that support the performing arts and the film production and distribution life-cycles, accordingly. This synergy is expanding Premiere’s connection to related projects, under the common scope of preserving and promoting the European Cultural Heritage.

You can visit the SCENE Project website through this link: https://thesceneproject.eu/

Project presentation

The SCENE Project is a Horizon Europe funded initiative (Grant Agreement: 101095303) strategically designed to elevate the European Filmmaking Industry’s global competitiveness. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the project aims to enhance competency, promote European Cultural Heritage, and revolutionize the film-making pipeline.

The consortium, consisting of 13 partners from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Cyprus, co-ordinated by Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), adopts a multidisciplinary approach involving producers, filmmakers, broadcasters, engineers, data scientists, researchers, academics, and communication specialists.

SCENE introduces innovations such as high-quality 3D models of European cultural sites and multi-dimensional knowledge graphs. It facilitates efficient simulation and assessment mechanisms, ensuring privacy-preserving interaction between stakeholders and the audience. The project promises a groundbreaking proof-of-concept prototype to propel the film industry into a new era post-COVID on scientific, commercial, business, and policy fronts.

Testing the developed filming tools in three pilot cases – Athens, Greece; Troodos Ophiolite Mines, Cyprus; and Lecce Province, Italy – SCENE aims to streamline the filming process, attract investments, and contribute to job market growth. The location scouting tool will play a crucial role in selecting filming locations, with a focus on preserving cultural heritage. The use of 3D virtual models for assessing on-site conditions provides an innovative solution to challenges posed by regulations and permissions for accessing cultural sites.

As SCENE pioneers advancements in film production technology, it opens new possibilities for filmmakers, cultivating the integration of cultural heritage and storytelling in the global film industry.