IDlab studio and Instituto Stocos presented a demo of their collaboration for the 2024 edition of the Academy of Theatre and Dance open day.

The performance, Things to do with… #Ai #VR #Unreal #Resolume #MotionCapture #SuperCollidor #SpatialAudio/Video, explores the theatrical possibilities of XR (Extended Reality) in which real and virtual worlds merge through human-machine interactions, generative computing technology and wearables. The dancer and the technological body are both leading and following.


Dancer Jason Winter, alumnus of the Academy of Theater and Dance, in collaboration with Instituto Stocos, Muriel Romero, Pablo Palacio and Daniel Bisig, mastered and demonstrated his free style in interaction with generative algorithms for sonification and abstract visualizations with body sensing technologies. AI, music and dance meet in an environment of R&D that focuses on educational development and playing with new technologies.


This ongoing collaboration is part of the working programme of Premiere, for the development of digital tools for dance-based cretion. These tools, integrate AI technology in the dance practice, as means of translating movement to sound and light, using data generated by the perfromer’s movement. Based on open-source software and developed for the specific needs of dance artistic creation, they are an asset for experimentation, innovation and play.


Saturday 27 January, 2024
Open day web and programme

IDlab team:
Hicham Bendriss – Unreal Engine
Dennis Shaffers – Grand MA3 & Spat Revolution Immersive audio.
Pim Elberse – Resolume Mapping, routing video & Notch
Willem Weemhoff – Interaction Design and lecturer IDlab technical production
Linda Witpaard: Coördination/production
Erik Lint: head IDlab
Co-funded by the European Union and Artist in Residence AHK.