21-22th of March, 2024

The truly intensive days of Premiere Open Days in Madrid were filled with meetings among 12 partners of the Premiere consortium, technology and creative institutions from various EU countries. This marked the midway point of the project. They were days dedicated to discussions and insights regarding the project’s latest outcomes and ongoing research.

At the end of the first day, the performance “Re-Embodied Machine” by Instituto Stocos took place at La Casa Encendida, a transdisciplinary stage work focused on translating dance into music and light. The piece utilizes various approaches, including movement sonification and algorithmic or interactive control of robotic and laser light. Around 150 participants, including digitally engaged creators, performing arts professionals, researchers, and art enthusiasts, came this evening to explore the intersection between art and technology. The dancer, Muriel Romero, sound, light, and even her costume made from fabric and ceramic elements with hidden sensors became equal participants in the performance.

Throughout the second day, partners showcased project achievements to a professional audience, engaging in discussions and addressing questions from the guests. The event took place in Aula de las Artes UC3M.

The event addressed representatives from research centers, performing art venues, educational centers, and performers themselves. Despite being on a Friday evening before a long weekend, the project brought together about 50 participants, who actively participated in discussing the interim results of the project. Partners from the Premiere consortium described four use cases (production, curation, delivery, distribution) that touch the core of the performing arts lifecycle and the common goal of transferring knowledge and tools from technology to the arts. The greatest interest on the part of the participants was sparked by the case of  possibilities of the cooperation connected with the joint creativity of artificial intelligence and a performer, the question of ethics, and the question of training not only artificial intelligence by humans but also vice versa.

The highlight of the event was the exciting Performance Sonification Battle between street dance and flamenco, featuring Christian Rubio, Arnau Pérez and Instituto Stocos. This innovative showcase aimed to demonstrate the collaboration between new technologies, specifically sonification, and artists.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended, both in person and online, the Premiere event.

You can find here the video of the presentation streaming.

And the video report of the two days event is available here.

The photo credits: La Casa Encendida, Estudio Perplej and La Tempesta.