PREMIERE OPEN DAYS IN MADRID, 21-22th of March, 2024

During the PREMIERE OPEN DAYS in Madrid two events dedicated to the project’s latest outcomes and the research in progress will take place – the performance Re-Embodied Machine, by Instituto Stocos, and the presentation of the Premiere project, by researchers involved.

The events are addressing digitally engaged creators, performing arts professionals and researchers of Madrid to join and engage in the discussion.

How are the performing arts related to state-of-the-art technologies? What are they expected to give, and what do they wish to take? Which is the shape and qualities of a stage that integrates digital practices?

These questions unfold in the course of the interdisciplinary exercise that Premiere project is conducting with research centres, performing art venues and education centres. The common goal is transferring knowledge and tools from technology towards the arts through four use cases that touch the core of the performing arts lifecycle: production, curation, delivery, distribution. At the same time, knowledge transfer is also taking place the other way-round, as arts enrich the epistemological background of science and provide analytical schemes and tools.

For this, between art and science, in the project’s framework, refers to the process of breaking the disciplinary boundaries through dynamic interaction and mutual mutation of performing arts and the tehcnology.

The two Madrid events will present the latest outcomes in terms of the artwork integrating digital technology and the research developed through the performing arts practice.


Re-Embodied Machine Performance by Instituto Stocos

Re-Embodied Machine is a trans-disciplinary stage work focused on translating dance into music and light. The piece employs several approaches which include movement sonification and algorithmic or interactive control of robotic and laser light.

La Casa Encendida
Thursday 21 March, 20:00 h CET
Free event

Premiere project presentation

The Premiere project employs interdisciplinary practices across four areas: archives browsing, live performances, rehearsals, and digitally enhanced creation. Team members will present the latest outcomes and the research in progress toward the technologies’ pilot testing. The use cases that are being mapped are the following:

  • AI enhancing archives browsing, preservation, and cross-linking.
  • XR and 3D expanding the stage into a digital dimension where
    • the audience meets the performers in a live set
    • and creators interact with each other in a rehearsal and co-creation set.
  • Algorithms becoming the means of translating the body experience into other sensorial modalities, such as sound and image.

Biblioteca del Campus Madrid Puerta de Toledo UC3M (Ronda de Toledo, 1, Centro, 28005 Madrid)
Edificio de la Biblioteca. Sala Puerta de la Cultura (nivel -1)
Friday 22 March, 19:00 h CET
Free event